Arts Regulation

Registration of Arts Associations

The Council is the Registrar of Arts Associations. This is in line with The Council mandate to; assist the formation of associations or organisations and encourage them to register as national arts associations so as to represent different groups of associations in Zambia and to encourage the affiliation of those associations to the appropriate international organisations. The forms for registration of an arts association or organisation are available for download here:

Foreign artist clearance

All foreign artists are required by law to obtain statutory clearance before they perform in Zambia. The Council provides clearance services. A locally registered promoter undertakes the clearing process with the Council and Zambia Revenue Authority. The forms for clearance of a foreign artist are available for download here.

Arts business regulation

Individuals and institutions wishing to promote and/or host any form of artistic activity in Zambia should by law obtain an arts promoter’s license from National Arts Council of Zambia. Application forms for obtaining a promoter’s license are available for download here.

Waiver on Import of Music and Film Equipment

Customs duty on media and film equipment is suspended to 0% from 1st January 2024 to 31st December, 2026. Goods should be imported by a body registered under the National Arts Council of Zambia and a person licensed under the Independent Broadcasting Authority