Our Programmes

The Council has three platforms for interventions in the arts. These are activities that are undertaken with the Council as the main coordinator of the initiative; there are those that are organized by the provincial arts advisory committees (PAAC) and supported by the Council and there are those that are fully initiated and managed by the arts associations and partially supported by the Council.

Arts development & Promotion

The Council provides capacity building to the arts through:


Advisory services to artists and organizations


Industry linkages for artists

Livingstone Art Gallery

Provincial Arts Administration

The Council has a presence in all ten provinces of Zambia through the following two structures:

  1. Provincial Arts Development Officers
  2. Provincial Arts Advisory Committees (PAAC)
  3. District Arts Advisory Committees (DAAC)

 As provided for in the National Arts Council Act- NAC ACT, Chapter 170, Act No. 31 of 1994