Ngoma Awards


The Ngoma Awards is a National recognition of Artistic excellence and it has been a cornerstone of Zambia’s Cultural heritage since its inception in 1997, The Ngoma Awards honor and celebrate outstanding Artists and their contributions across the diverse spectrum of Artistic disciplines, including Creative writing, Community theater, Stage Theater, Music, traditional dance, Fashion, comedy,Visual arts and Crafts.
The Ngoma Awards are more than just accolades; they are a tribute to the creative minds and Spirits that have enriched our nation’s Artistic heritage. each award is named after fallen heroes who have made undeniable contributions to Artists in Zambia. these awards are presented with the utmost care and scrutiny, ensuring that only deserving artists are recognized and celebrated.

Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

The Ngoma Awards pride themselves on their strong tradition of fostering sponsorship and partnership opportunities. It is through these mutually beneficial collaborations that the Ngoma Awards have consistently managed to create unforgettable experiences for artists and music enthusiasts alike.

Sponsorship and partnership with the Ngoma Awards offer numerous advantages to businesses and organizations. Firstly, aligning with the prestigious Ngoma Awards provides a unique platform for companies to showcase their support for the Arts industry and promote their brand on a national and international scale. Partnering with an event of this magnitude allows businesses to enhance their reputation and gain exposure among a diverse and engaged audience.


  • The Ngoma Awards were first held in 1998, making them the oldest Awards Ceremony in Zambia, The 2023 Awards Ceremony marked the 18th Award ceremony.
  • The Ngoma Awards are the biggest and most prestigious Award Ceremony as they award individuals involved in all Art forms ranging from Visual Artists, Performing Artists, Literary Artists, etc.
  • The Awarding process is done in a very just and transparent way and purely based on the quality and creativity of the work submitted to the board.