National Arts Council of Zambia

We’re here to ignite the spark of imagination, celebrate the diversity of talent, and weave the colorful threads of Zambia’s artistic tapestry into a captivating story. Join us in the vibrant world of artistry, where every stroke, note, and performance is a masterpiece waiting to be shared.

What we do

The National Arts Council of Zambia, as the guardian of creativity and cultural expression, is dedicated to nurturing, promoting, and advancing the rich tapestry of artistic endeavors that define our nation’s identity. Our mission is to foster an environment where art thrives, where the creative spirit soars, and where the vibrant mosaic of Zambia’s artistic heritage finds its voice and resonance. Join us on a journey of artistic discovery and innovation as we champion the boundless potential of the arts, bringing forth a symphony of cultural vitality that transcends boundaries and enriches our society.

National  Arts  Associations

Within the vibrant tapestry of Zambia’s arts and culture landscape, the National Arts Council proudly embraces a diverse family of national arts associations. These creative powerhouses, united under our umbrella,form the heart and soul of Zambia’s artistic expression, nurturing its past, shaping its present, and inspiring its future.

Upcoming Events

Ngoma Awards

Come and experience the best of  the 2024 Ngoma Awards, the most prestigious awards ceremony  in the country. The Ngoma Awards are a tribute to the creative minds and spirits that have enriched our nation’s artistic heritage.

National Arts Festival

Join us for the 2024 National Arts Festival which celebrates Zambia’s rich artistic talent. The festival aims at showcasing the best of Zambian arts as expressed and experienced by the country.

Creative Career Fair

The Creative Industry Job Fair has been aims at showcasing the available
opportunities in the creative industry and create an organized human resource