Arts Programmes

The council has three platforms for interventions in the arts. These are activities that are undertaken with the council as a main coordinator of the initiative; there are those that are organized by the provincial arts advisory commitees (PAAC) and supported by the council and there are those that are fully initiated and managed by the arts associations and partially supported by the Council.

Arts Business Regulation

Individuals and Institutions wishing to promote and/or host any form of artistic activity in Zambia should by lay obtain an arts promoter’s license from the National Arts Council of Zambia. Application forms for obtaining a promoter’s license are available for download.

Arts Body Registration

This is a crucial step in formalizing and regulating artistic and cultural entities in the country. Enabling artists, cultural organizations, and artistic collectives to gain official recognition and access various benefits and opportunities. These entities become part of a vibrant artistic ecosystem that promotes their growth, provides support, and fosters collaboration within Zambia’s rich and diverse arts and culture sector.

Arts Organizations Registration

The council is the Registrar of Arts Associations. This is in line with the Council’s mandate to; assist the formation of associations or organizations and encourage them to register as national arts associations to represent different groups of associations in Zambia and to encourage the affiliation of those associations to the appropriate international organizations.

Arts Development Fund

The council operates an Arts Development Fund which disburses funds to artists once every quarter. The funds are disbursed by a committee from outside of the Council which processes the applications based on established criteria the funds available