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What we do

The Council has a three – fold mandate;

  1. To Develop the arts: Arts Development Fund, capacity building, coordination with provinces
  2. To Promote the arts: partner with promoters, investors, local and international agencies
  3. To regulate the Arts: register arts organisations, supervise arts associations, clear foreign arts.


Festivals are a driver of growth in the arts. In Zambia, there are number of festivals from various artistic genres. Most of these festivals are corporate or community driven. No matter who drives them, festivals bring people together, bring about unit, create jobs and income opportunities for the Zambia. Here is a list of some of the festivals that are currently happening. This does not include one – off thematic festivals.

  1. Mosi Day of Thunder
  2. Stanbic Bank Festival
  3. Chikuni Festival-Chikuni
  4. Livingstone International Festival of Culture and Arts (LICAF)
  5. Lukulu – Mitete Festival-Lukulu
  6. Mwansabombwe Theatre Festival – Kazembe
  7. Street Culture Festival-Lusaka
  8. Chitenge and Wine Festival-Lusaka
  9. Kalela Festival, Bangeulu
  10. NATAAZ Theatre Festival
  11. CAMA Festival
  12. Tilembe Literary Festival
  13. Kuboneshango Women in Visual Arts
  14. Insaka Arts Residency
  15. Temwapinda Festival
  16. The Zambia Arts and Design Show
  17. Zambia Fashion Week

Capacity Building

The Council provide capacity building services through workshops and one-on-one consultation sessions with artists:


The workshops are either held in Lusaka or within the provincial centers. The Council provides resources to facilitate these knowledge building sessions in various arts industry related fields:

Consultation sessions

The Council secretariat provides consultation services to artists from all sector e.g. Private, public and foreign entities. This is in line with The Council mandate to; serve as a supreme advisory body at national level on policy and decisions on all the arts in the country.

Some of the areas of knowledge that are shared include contract management, event management and financial mobilization. This   service is also provided in the provinces through the Provincial Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC) and District Arts Advisory Committee (DAAC).

Artist’s Development Fund

The Council operates an Artists Development Fund, as part of its mandate that states that; The Council shall establish and administer a fund known as the Artists Development Fund from which it may lend funds to any registered body. The ADF is administered by the Project selection Committee which convenes quarterly .The ADF Terms and conditions and application forms are available for download here.

Registrar of Arts Associations

The Council is the Registrar of Arts Associations. This is in line with The Council mandate to; assist the formation of associations or organizations and encourage them to register as national arts associations so as to represent different groups of associations in Zambia and to encourage the affiliation of those associations to the appropriate international organizations. The forms for registration of an arts association or organisation are available for download here.

Clearance of Foreign Artists

All foreign artists are required by law to obtain statutory clearance before they perform in Zambia. The Council provides clearance services. A locally registered promoter undertakes the clearing process with the Council and Zambia Revenue Authority. The forms for clearance of a foreign artist are available for download here.